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Complete Corporate Security Solutions

Systems Design is an independent firm of corporate security consultants who deliver security services to a wide range of organisations. From assessment to design, build and implementation, we offer total solutions to meet the needs of the physical side of corporate security.

After reviewing your corporate security needs, we make recommendations that are right for your business - and your budget. You can be assured of unbiased, objective and impartial advice as Systems Design are completely independent and not tied to any specific suppliers or manufacturers. Our corporate security consultants are industry professionals with long experience of understanding the demands of organisations with physical security needs.

Corporate Security Services

  • Security Audits
  • Corporate Risk Assessment
  • Security Threat Assessment
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Construction Project Security

  • New Build Project Planning
  • Security System Design
  • Project Management Service
  • Consultancy to Main Contractors
  • Supply & Installation Projects

  • Access Control Systems & CCTV
  • Perimeter Security & Fencing
  • Security Doors, Windows & Gates
  • Maintenance Contract Specification
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    Complete Business Security Systems & Solutions

    Systems Design provides independent advice on business security systems and security design.
    We are not tied to any one supplier or manufacturer so we can offer unbiased, objective and impartial advice in the following areas…

    Business Threat / Security Risk Assessment

    Every organisation will face some degree of security risk. It is only when you fully understand the types of risk and levels of risk that your organisation faces can you move to take measures to safeguard it.
    We work with you to recognise these so you can take steps to control and manage the risks.
    By visiting your business, premises and personnel, Systems Design can perform a Corporate Risk Assessment to identify all of your security issues.

    •   Evaluate a single location, a part of your business, or the entire organisation
    •   Analyse potential risks associated with new sites or business expansion
    •   Identify weaknesses in your current security systems or procedures
    •   Provide a report listing a detailed set of recommendations

    Security Audits, Policies and Procedures

    To make sure your security systems and arrangements have kept pace with the changes in your business, Systems Design can undertake an in-depth security audit.

    Following this we will draft security policies and procedures to ensure that your staff have clear guidelines to follow.
    Not only will this strengthen your business but can show insurers, auditors, governing bodies and those concerned with corporate governance that external, professional security advice has been sought.

    You will be in a position to demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that duty of care requirements have been addressed.
    This service is of benefit to every organisation however it is essential to organisations who have lone workers working away from a permanent place of work such as sales representative.

    We can help you to clearly define how to safeguard your staff by knowing exactly where they are during the working day and what to do in the event of an incident where accurate information and time are both critical to ensure their safety.

    Construction Projects & Security Design

    Clients often ask Systems Design to get involved with building and construction projects at an early stage.
    When risk is not considered early on in a project, security flaws can easily be built in and then prove expensive change at a later date.

    We are able to advise project architects and designers from the earliest stages on a wide variety of security considerations that will reduce potential risks, remove opportunities for crime and create safer business environments.

      •   New builds
      •   Extensions
      •   Refurbishments
      •   Industrial & Administrative Environments

    Consultancy to Main Contractors

    As well as working directly with end clients, Systems Design also provides services to main contractors in construction projects.
    From the earliest stage we can provide our expert knowledge and experience to assist in the preparation of the security tender specification to ensure the security requirements for the site are met.

    From there we can then be on hand to assist with security design, sourcing of security systems or equipment and the project management of specialist security installations.


    Project Management

    Systems Design has a wealth of experience in assisting organisations to install security features and systems on time, on budget and with minimum disruption to operations.
    It is not only our knowledge of the security industry that is critical but also our background and experience in construction.
    There are normally numerous elements to managing a security installation project:
    •   Security systems design
    •   Supplier / Manufacturer Specification
    •   Managing installation specialists on site
    •   Delivery of System Components
    •   Co-ordinating 3rd party services EG. Telecoms
    •   Communication & Client Meetings
    •   Quality Control
    •   Training and Hand Over
    •   Maintenance specification

    Security Systems

    CCTV Systems

    There are many types and brands of CCTV systems on the market which can make the task of replacing an old system or installing a new system quite daunting.
    Systems Design can assess the individual requirement of your business to provide a basic specification.

    We are not tied to any particular CCTV manufacturer so we are then able to offer unbiased, objective and impartial options from suitable suppliers.

    Access Control Security Systems

    Systems Design can provide advice on access control security systems to allow secure entry to corporate buildings, offices & administrative buildings, retail shops, factories, warehouses and even highly secure environments such as banks and research laboratories.
    With our unbiased and impartial knowledge of the marketplace and ability to assess your organisational requirements we aim to make it as simple and cost effective for our clients to provide safe and secure working environments.


    Perimeter Security

    Installing an effective perimeter protection system is often a challenge and one of the most critical features in the overall system is the specification of a perimeter fence and it’s installation.
    There are many elements of a security system that must interact with a perimeter fence such as access control, detection systems, CCTV, electric fencing and security doors.

    If the perimeter fence it’s self is incorrectly specified or installed then it will most likely render the whole perimeter security ineffectual. Systems Design has vast experience of consulting and project managing perimeter security projects.

    From the initial survey and consultation through to installation, your perimeter security project is in safe hands with one of our specialist consultants.
    All of the perimeter fences we recommend have matching gate applications available for commercial applications, offering security for vehicle or pedestrian access. Security gate opening options include Manual, Automated, Single or Double Leaf, Sliding or Tracked.
    We can provide advice on traffic access control systems that can allow you the means to control the traffic flow whether it is pedestrians or vehicles. In addition we can also offer advice on a additional safety devices that allow you to tailor your perimeter access control systems such as:

    •   Traffic Arm Barriers
    •   Turnstiles
    •   One Way Road Blockers
    •   Rising Bollards
    •   And more...

    Window Protection

    Window Security Grilles

    We can advise on the most effective protection for your vulnerable window areas. This might be a permanent grille as a deterrent to crime or in areas where appearance is important a retractable window grille system that can combine a classic appearance with an effective barrier.

    Window Security Shutters

    Your premises might benefit from window roller shutters which can be fitted internally or externally. Shutters are highly secure and not only prevent a physical barrier but prevent potential intruders from looking into a premises.

    When not shut they can coil into a compact housing thus minimising their visual impact which can be important when considering planning permission or the wishes of the building owners.

    Unbreakable Window Glazing

    In areas where windows are repeatedly broken by burglars or vandals we can advise on Polycarbonate Glazing systems.

    About 300 times stronger than normal glass and far stronger than toughened glass the glazing system is made up of polycarbonate sheets which are totally clear, scratch resistant and almost impossible to break.

    Security Doors

    Systems Design can advise on a wide range of reinforced doors and security doors that can be commissioned with a variety of locking mechanisms.

    Steel Doors

    Constructed from toughened steel for maximum external security. We can advise on steel reinforced doors that can be specified to any strength including being made to resist fire, ballistic and blast attacks.

    Timber Doors

    Designed for internal use, timber security doors can be suitable where the secure partition of two areas is critical. Ideal for customer facing areas where staff are separated from customers and also for creating ‘safe rooms’ within buildings. A timber security door can be built to resist ballistic attack if this is a requirement.

    Full Installation & Commissioning Service

    Systems Design has access to a nationwide database of qualified installers as well as our own preferred installers so we are able to offer our security system installation service.
    Once a quotation has been accepted, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the installation to be carried out. Once on site, our engineers will explain what will be done and the areas he will be working in.

    Once the job is complete the engineers will demonstrate the use of the system and ensure that you are satisfied with the standard of workmanship.
    Relevant documentation will then be signed and left on site with the client. The work area will always be left clean and tidy by our teams.

    Maintenance Contracts

    Regular specialist maintenance is the best way to ensure your security systems will function properly and are kept in good safe order.
    Systems Design are able to advise on maintenance programmes and assist to source maintenance contractors for your security systems including:

    •   Intruder Alarm System Maintenance
    •   CCTV Maintenance
    •   Access Control Maintenance
    •   Smoke System Maintenance
    •   Automatic Barrier Maintenance
    •   Turnstile Maintenance
    •   Rising Bollard Maintenance
    •   Automated Gate Maintenance
    •   Sliding Gate Maintenance

    A Leading Security Consultant

    It’s important to us at Systems Design that as a customer, you get from us exactly what you want and more. So whether your security requirement is for a small one off project or a major national contract, we adhere to the same work process to ensure you get the security solution you require, on time and of course on budget.

    We want to fully understand your business and your security requirements before we provide you with any sort of proposal. So in order to give our clients the best possible solution first time, every time, we first take the time to arrange a face to face meeting with an experienced security consultant.

    Systems Design has relationships with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers however our clients value the fact that we are not affiliated to any one supplier. This enables us to provide our customers with the reassurance that they will receive a solution that best fits their needs, rather than a sales led approach of fitting a customer to a standard product.

    This also allows us to source not only the latest products and systems but also some of the most cost effective solutions on the security market today.

    We believe that great business relationships are built on trust. Systems Design will make sure that we are not only providing you with the very best solution but putting your mind at ease in the knowledge that you are working with a security consultant you can trust.

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